Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seven Cases - Filming Samantha Fox's Scenes

Last Thursday night (1st August) we shot some of the remaining scenes for ‘Seven Cases’. This scene was shot in a warehouse which was closed for the night, but was very busy during the day, so there was plenty of scope for using the space to it’s fullest. There was a long fire-escape corridor leading to the warehouse from the outside which was perfect for a protracted entrance scene and the large, brightly coloured racks in the warehouse really gave the location a unique look in comparison to a lot of the film. This was the scene featuring the lovely Samantha Fox and she did a great job under some pretty uncomfortable circumstances. Due to the nature of the scene, Sam had to be in position without moving for over 2 hours whilst we applied the quiet intrusive props and then stuck her to a table with gaffa tape!

We took the usual lighting package but ended up using a single Red-Head mounted pointing straight down from a height of about 10ft to give the scene a really stark look while making a lot of the background completely dark. We used a couple of LED mini-lights to fill faces for some of the dialogue shots.

The fully working prop made by the genius that is Ian Holmes worked perfectly and after deciding on the ideal way to shoot such a bizarre thing, we cracked on with it. Dave Vincent Phillips and Paul Cooper played the roles perfectly as before and Sam was fantastic. It’s not easy slipping into a role you’ve not been playing for weeks like the blokes had been and then carrying off a very emotional scene on demand…but she pulled it off….and it looks great. 

The FS100 and Ninja2 combination triumphed again, using a combination of the stock lens for the wides and moving shots and a 50mm Zeiss for the close-ups and dialogue shots. We used the Go Pro Hero3 for the CCTV footage again and it performed really well, even in the very low light.

Finally, we went out on to the streets of Letchworth, (where ‘World’s End’ was shot) to shoot the scenes of Sam walking down the road whilst being followed.. again Sam did a great job and the low-light capability of the FS100 was stunning.

Only 3 shooting days left now…and a big announcement about our antagonist casting coming soon…

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  1. I read your posts since I first found Samantha Fox was taking part in Seven Cases.
    It's somehow amazing to see such a project taking shape step by step and feel the impatience growing to finally see the final cut.
    Good to see al your cast is putting the best into this movie, no doubt it's got all the condition to become big.
    Keep going!