Monday, May 22, 2017

The White Room - Cannes Trailer 2017

It's been a mad week here... i'm still working on 'The White Room'... there's a couple more scenes to shoot and although we've got a rough edit together, there's still a lot of post production to come. I've also been really busy with my other job... music management. We've got our first shows this week since i've taken on the role and then the summer really kicks into gear with shows every week, often more than one. It's festival season and that means jetting around Europe and bussing around the UK with the band. Can't wait...   then there's planning for 2018 - it's all happening now.

But, Emily Wyatt, (lead in 'The White Room') is in Cannes this week and got in touch to see if i could put a trailer together for her to show to interested parties while she's there. So... cue a late night with FCPX.

It's not perfect by any means... there's lots of work still to do, but it gives a rough idea of what we've been up to.  I hope you enjoy it...

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