Monday, May 28, 2012

Cannes...Orange interview.

We're back from Cannes. It was the usual mix of business and mayhem and some very expensive drinks, but i'll do a proper write-up on it soon. For now, here's the interview Lewis from Orange did with me while i was there.

 A quick observation...  The American Pavilion was kicking every night.. we met so many people there from award winning director of 'Precious' Lee Daniels to the fantastic head of SAGindie, Darrien Michele Gipson. They always welcomed us and let us promote our film there. The UK Film Pavilion on the other hand was closed most nights and wouldn't let us even leave some flyers there. Come on UK your country's talent (not just those in the selection) and show that the Brits can put on a good party too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

'The Addicted' Production Diary and news...

Here's the latest production diary from 'The Addicted'. It'll be the last one for a few weeks as we're off at the weekend to the Cannes Film Festival.

We've got lots of meetings lined up with various distributors and we're taking some finished sections of the film with us. It's been a mad few weeks and this week is going to be even busier... finishing the important sections of the film we need to take with us, getting the printing of the marketing materials sorted and finalising various meeting plans.

Cannes is always different to what you expect. Most of the useful contacts come through chance meetings in bars or at the pavilions.  There's four of us going this year and we've got a really great place to stay in central Cannes, so we're hoping it's all going to go to plan and one of the people we're meeting will be interested enough to pick up the film for distribution. We're pretty confident. This is the darkest, most hard hitting horror i've ever seen. Also, i've never seen a film this good that cost such a small amount to produce in comparison to most indie films. I think this is the start of a new era for independent film...and we're right at the sharp end.

So, if you're heading for Cannes and you'd like to see some exclusive clips from our film, get in touch now and we'll see you there for a drink.

Monday, May 7, 2012

News..... Cannes... The Addicted.

It's hectic at Recoil Films at the moment as we're putting the finishing touches to the parts of 'The Addicted' that we're taking to Cannes. We've also booked the screening in Soho for the distributors to come and see it in it's entirety... exciting stuff. I just wish we were closer to finishing...  it's full-on at the moment working on the foley, the music and the final bits of the grade.

At the end of next week, we're off to Cannes to present the film to the various distributors who have asked to see it, and hopefully to meet some other distributors from around the World. We're really confident that we've got an amazing film here...  letting this one slip is going to be huge error. Unlike previous years where we've taken DVDs as screeners, this year we've made the decision to go with USB sticks. We've got 3 trailers, 3 long scenes from the film and an electronic press kit all on one little credit card sized USB stick... much more Cannes friendly. No excuses for not taking one. We've also got some full sized cinema posters, flyers, promo stuff galore... we're not going unprepared!

Anyone who would like to see the movie in Cannes and talk to us, we're there from the 21st until the 27th May. You can reach us at for a meeting. Don't be shy either... we're up for meeting anyone involved in any area of the business. We're looking to shoot our next feature at the end of the year, so financiers, producers, whatever.... get in touch.

While i'm here, our co-producer, casting director and lead actress, Jenny Gayner has been nominated for 'Best West End Understudy'... so please show her some support and go here to vote: