Monday, July 16, 2012

USA 2012

Sorry it's been so quiet over the last month. I've been (and still am) in America touring with Howard Jones. We've been all over the country from New Jersey to San Francisco and from Dallas to Chicago...a month of great shows with a top team. We're flying home next week and then i can get on with the final tweaks to 'The Addicted'.

While i've been here, i've also been working on a new Promo for 'Dance a La Plage'. It's been quite a difficult edit, but it's nearly done and i'm really pleased with it.

In other news... I've got a new Atomos Ninja 2 on it's way to me and i hope to use it on a number of projects over the summer. I love my Ninja 1, so i'm really looking forward to using the new version. I'll do a full write up on it soon.

Right... i've got a show to do here in San Juan Capistrano near LA.... so i'll be back soon.