Friday, December 18, 2015

PARADOX Trailer...

Atomos released an exclusive trailer a couple of days ago (the first one below) and now we've released another one... check them both out:

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First Episode released on Monday 22nd December and then a new episode each day until Christmas Eve.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

One 10 Films on FaceBook

After about 4 years of trying to avoid Facebook, i've started a page for One 10 Films. So many people ask if we've got a FaceBook page and i've finally caved in. Feel free to go and 'Like' us...

We're currently advertising our local business promo service. We shoot, edit and deliver a 1minute online promo film and also include (for free) short edits (with re-worked aspect ratio) for use on Instagram and Twitter.  It's by far the best value way to drum up new customers...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PARADOX - The Series - What is it?

We're very close to releasing PARADOX now. It's a time-travel based, Sci-Fi story set in the present day. But what is it? Why did we do it?

Having made three micro-budget features over the last few years, it's become very obvious that the market for these type of films isn't really there any more. We've been lucky to have released some films at a time when DVDs were still selling, but that appears to be almost over, especially in the UK.

There's another issue with features. They take a good year to make when you're working with tiny budgets. That's frustrating and it would be great to move forward faster. We really wanted to do something new...something that removed the distribution channels between us and the audience.

Enter the web-series. We've decided to move forward by making an experimental web-series. A series of short (10 minute) episodes that we will give away for free online.  Produced on a rock bottom budget and with a very simple production set-up consisting of two camera rigs and a totally battery powered lighting solution, we were able to shoot 4 episodes in 4 and half days.

This fast moving production style enables us to try things out we wouldn't be able to risk on a feature production.

Shot in September, edited, graded, composed for and mixed during November and December... the whole process took less than 4 months from shoot to release.

How did we keep the costs down?  We had some help...  Atomos have supported me for years and they continued to do so with Paradox.  Rotolight supplied us with the NEO 3 Light Kit...that took care of lighting. Shape supplied a Cage for the Atomos Shogun to keep it safe during the shoot and CameTV supplied us a Mini2 Gimbal. Obviously, this helps enormously.  We then raised the budget we needed to pay the cast and crew and to rent the locations and pay for catering and fuel. It's still not exactly cheap, but it's significantly cheaper than a usual production budget.

Very soon, we'll be releasing the first trailer for the series...and then soon after that, we'll release Episode 1.

Keep an eye out for the next issue of Digital FilmMaker Magazine where i go into more detail about the actual shoot.