Friday, April 8, 2016

X-LUTS - FREE 3D LUTS for your Atomos Shogun or NLE

I've been shooting with the Atomos Shogun for a long time now and i've developed a small, but useful set of LUTS (Look-Up Tables) that give me the confidence that i'm getting my exposure and lighting right on-set.

I found a lot of the professional LUTS i had been using were too subtle sometimes and not really what i wanted. I needed something quite heavy-handed that would be easy to judge exposure and lighting when i was on location or on set. Getting the right amount light on faces is tricky at the best of times, but when i'm shooting on two slightly different cameras and moving the Shogun from one camera rig to the next, i really wanted some LUTS that would work for both VLog on the GH4 and SLog2 on the A7S.

Now, i hear can hear the questions already.... can a LUT really work for both? Well, yes and no. It won't be as perfect for when it comes to post production, but by adjusting very basic settings using your LUT loader, they work really well. On the Shogun, they work with both with no problems at all.

So what LUTS do i use?

There's VLOG-SLOG2 FILM001 and FILM 002, which are my main film-look LUTS. They have a blue tint to the shadows and a nice warm orange lift in the mids and highs.

Then there's VLOG-SLOG2 KODAK001 which is reminiscent of a Kodak stock with a less obvious cool/warm slant between the shadows and highs with a more obviously contrasty image. Slightly pink in the highs... makes a change from the teal/orange look.

VLOG-SLOG2 WARM FUJI is based on a Fuji style film stock with a warm, slightly golden tint to skin tones.

VLOG-SLOG2 MAGICHR is a 'Magic Hour' look.  A warm, orange/yellow cast with a slightly cooler and contrasty shadow area. Ideal for when you've lost that 'magic hour' light and you're still shooting.

VLOG-SLOG2 DAY4N is my 'Day-For-Night' LUT. It's completely over the top with a very blue tint and big dip in saturation, but if you nail it using this combined with a White Balance of around 3200K, it'll be just right when you come to treat it in post.

I've found all these LUTS work well in post as starting point for the grade, you just often need to back them off a bit.

Anyway, i thought i'd give them away... if i find them useful, i'm sure others will.

Here's the download link:

I use MotionVFX's mLUT for loading LUTS into FCPX. Definitely worth looking at.

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