Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wanted > Producer

The Bank Boj  is out next feature production. We need to find a producer who can pull it all together.
We have an amazing script that has been re-written and tweaked to perfection over 8 years. It's been the object of a sizeable financial offer and has also been one of those scripts that everyone who reads -  they want to be in it, or help make it.

So where are we at with the project? The script is complete. There's associated character breakdowns, some casting ideas and some detailed location breakdowns.  We have some key crew in mind, but we're completely open to location. We'd actually prefer to shoot in a city or town other than London.

We're about to start casting the main roles. We're hoping that the right actors with attract the required finance.  We've got several options for the financing including a sizeable portion of soft money, but we can't really discuss that on the internet! We'll just say, that the right producer should be able to make this project happen.

The pre-production website:

We're aiming for a 2017 shoot... possibly in the spring...depending on the outcome of the next couple of months.

Please get in touch if you think you're up to the challenge. Ideally, you should have done this before and have a track record of some kind. Much as we're open to working with enthusiastic beginners, this isn't that kind of project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Atomos Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame HDR Recorder/Monitors

I love the Atomos way of working, as many of you know. I've been using the Ninja, Ninja 2, Ninja Blade and Shogun for a long time now and i never shoot without them. This new development is something special though. Atomos have spotted a real issue with shooting HDR log images and completely addressed it with a product that builds on the Shogun, whilst also addressing some of the issues like build quality and the single battery. Atomos have always made excellent monitors in my opinion, but this one looks like the best there is. I can't wait to try it.

Check out the official launch trailer:

Atomos Shogun & Ninja Flame - HDR & High Brightness Launch Trailer from Atomos Video on Vimeo.

Friday, March 18, 2016

New Feature Announcement - The Bank Boj

Next year (2017) we're going to be producing our next feature called 'The Bank Boj'. It's a screenplay I wrote back in 2009 which i've been working on ever since. It was shopped around as a script back in 2010 and i was offered a deal to buy the rights, but me being me, i took this as a sign that it's probably worth hanging on to.  It's just been through a re-write to bring it up to date and we've begun looking at casting for the lead roles.

We're planning on finding the finance for the movie over the course of 2016 and we're aiming for a spring 2017 shoot.

There's a website with more details for potential investors and collaborators here: