Sunday, January 20, 2013

Louise Redknapp Shoot

Back in early December, i shot a 'behind the scenes' film for a photoshoot that Louise Redknapp did for Fabulous magazine. It's now online and you can see it here: 

I shot it all on the Canon 5D Mk2 with a selection of lenses from the L Series 24 - 200 and the L Series 17 - 55.  I also used the Canon L series 50mm F1.2.

I had a GlideTrack, tripod, Zoom H4N and a set of 3 RedHeads for the interview.

I basically had to work around the photoshoot. The Photographer and his assistants were very busy all day moving lights, blocking with screens and changing the set around and i had to try and not get in the way.... easier said than done sometimes. I shot a lot... probably over an hour of footage...  It's the first time i've just handed over footage for someone else to edit.. that was odd... but it looks pretty good.

Things i'd do differently next time? Well, this was for a client who supplied the gear, so on that front i couldn't change much... but if i could, i'd shoot with my FS100 and my set of lenses. The 5D Mk2 is still a good camera, but it's tricky to operate in situations where you don't have control over the shoot... when it was time to do the interview, i barely had enough time to set up the lights, let alone check audio levels on the H4N... if i had the FS100, i could hit record and that would be that.... and with regard to the lenses, the Canon L series are fantastic...i love them, but i missed the manual iris control i have on my manual lenses.

Anyway... i'm pleased with the end result and shoot taught me what it's like to work in a different kind of situation to what i'm used to.

Big thanks to Cherry Duck for putting it my way.