Monday, March 8, 2010

Bahamas 14 Island Film Challenge

A few weeks ago, my friend Jan Bednarz won the opportunity to go to the Bahamas to make a film for the Canon 14 Island Film Challenge. He was given the little island of Bimini. He was dropped there with a Canon HDV camera and given 14 days to make a film. 13 other film makers were on the other islands doing the same thing. Jan has been busy editing and came to my studio so i could do the sound mix with him and now the finished film is up on the 14 Island challenge website. It would be a massive favour if you could go to the website, register and vote for Jan's film. We'd both be eternally grateful... you might even win a holiday to the Bahamas yourself...not bad huh?

Take me there so i can vote now!!!

1 comment:

  1. M8, I've just voted for the man. He seems to be in third place now. Not at all bad but some more reminders might be worthwhile. Bullet