Sunday, December 12, 2010

Recoil-AirCam Showreel

Over the last few months, myself and Neil Jones have been working on an aerial filming project to get a reliable and stable filming option for getting some awesome HD images from places you wouldn't normally be able to film from...and, we're ready to roll it out.

The AirCam can be set-up and in the air within minutes of arriving on location. We then fly until we've got the footage you need. Once we've got the footage, we can then edit it for you or supply the raw footage for you to with as you please.

Check out the showreel.

Recoil-AirCam ShowReel from Sean J Vincent on Vimeo.
Our new venture featuring the awesome piloting abilities of Neil Jones and his collection of Custom RC Camera Ships. By mounting an HD camera on the helicopter we can obtain some stunning aerial video as well as still photos.

It's quick to prepare and we deliver a package including footage from the air, from the ground and a selection of stills. Ideal for getting some beautiful shots for your website of your hotel, golf course, company headquarters, home...anything you can think of. Also ideal for drama, documentary, news gathering... you name it, we can do it.

Anyone interested in booking the use of our new service, email us at

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