Sunday, March 4, 2012

Atomos puts me on their site...

The nice people at Atomos who make the Ninja Pro Res recorder that i use with my Sony FS100 have added a page about me to their website.  I'm very grateful for the plug and i hope it shows how much faith i have in their products.

 I used the Ninja on another shoot last week which would not have been possible to do any other way. I needed to shoot a band rehearsal in an hour and then edit together a 3minute teaser and get it back to the client the next day.

If i had shot in any other codec apart from Pro Pres, i'd have been transcoding when i should have been editing and i'd never have got it done in time. As it was, i took my footage directly to the edit and then exported without the need for much in the way of rendering.

Read the whole thing on the Atomos website here:

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