Sunday, November 4, 2012

Action Cams

Two days ago i got the new Contour Roam2 to test. It's a great form factor and performs ok in broad daylight, but it was severely let down but the low light performance and also some nasty rolling shutter jelly-ness. I liked the included mounts, and the rotating lens and laser guide are great ideas.

But, if a camera that is advertised as being water proof down to 1m (for canoe, wake boarding and wet motorbike rides etc) leaks on the first use...i'm not getting one. We tested it in a pool and although the footage was great, the camera started leaking...little bubbles gave it away. Because the battery is not removable, i just had to watch as it freaked out and died.

No more Roam2....

I'm now testing the Go Pro Hero3.... results to follow in a few days.


  1. Hi, I've also just got a ROAM2 and first use in the swimming pool bubbles seemed to come out of the gap where the lens is. Is this what happened to you? Mine still seems to be working so I'm not sure if water did in fact get in their, but it does worry me. How long did it take yours to die, and what happened?


  2. This is what happened to mine... but the water also got in via the door at the back i think... or it travelled there from the lens end - not sure. It worked ok for about 10mins after that... then it turned off and on a lot by itself... then it died. Sorry this has happend to you too. I'd highly recommend the GoPro Hero 3... i've had no problems with it and the footage is pretty good. The watercase that comes with it is excellent.

  3. If this camera does in-fact eventually pack-up due to water, which apart from it's profile is the only reason I bought it, I'll certainly go with the hero 3 next time. Thanks again.