Monday, February 23, 2015

10 Reasons to love the Arri Alexa Mini

Arri have just announced the Alexa Mini... a dream come true for many cinematographers. But what is it about the Alexa Mini that people are going to sell their kids to get one for..???

  • That Alexa look in a smaller form factor. MoVi anyone??
  • It starts at $32000...  but rental houses will be stocking up i reckon.
  • Wifi Control combined with lightweight construction... perfect for in-car shots.
  • Switchable 4:3/16:9 sensor... so 4:3 is perfect for anamorphic shooting.
  • Internal 4K Pro Res? Yep... and 200fps in HD.
  • Super 35mm sensor.
  • Interchangeable lens mounts.  PL, EF or B4.
  • Built-in motorised ND Filters... no need for screw-on or mattebox for exterior MoVi shots.
  • 14+ Stops of dynamic range.
  • Can import custom LUTS.

Do i want one? Of course... but it's a rental item really at that price.  I'm hoping to have a closer look at BVE tomorrow.  It's interesting that Arri are really cleaning up in cinematography at the moment... just check out what all the Oscar nominated movies were shot on... mostly Alexa. They're certainly giving RED a major beating at the moment. 

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