Saturday, April 25, 2015

4K Footage Testing in Hitchin

I went up to Windmill Hill in Hitchin with my daughter, Scarlett on Thursday evening to shoot some lens tests at sunset. We're very lucky in Hitchin to get some amazing views just before dusk and it seemed a perfect time to test a couple of lens options on my GH4 / Shogun rig.

I was testing a vintage Miranda 70-210mm zoom with a Vivanco wide angle adapter on the end.... this long lens is brought back to a relatively wide shot by the adapter, but you get some very wacky optical weirdness which i really like. I then tried the adapter on the Lumix 14-42 for some really wide shots and then on a 28mm Zeiss.  Combined with a 0.9ND filter in my mattebox for most of the shots, i was pretty happy with how they performed. I've got a project coming up that requires quite a lot of shooting into the sun at sunset, so this was really useful.

I've played with the footage in FCPX... adding some extra touches and a more 'sunset-ish' grade.

Editing 4K in FCPX is pretty cool using the proxies for most of it and then switching to the full size files for the export and checking the grade.


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