Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zeiss Primes for Canon DSLRs...

Everyone finds the endless focus rings on Canon lenses a pain. Pulling focus is a bit of a nightmare...especially if you're used to a proper lens with end stops.  Zeiss have long been known to make some amazing lenses, especially for film-makers...and DoPs like Phil Bloom have used PL mounts to get them on their DSLRs with some stunning results. Well, now Zeiss are making it a whole lot easier. This May they are launching a set of primes made specifically for the Canon DSLR range with EF mounts.  They are basically a modified version of their compact prime range.


They have the option to be converted to PL mount, so if you progress to a different system in the future, you can still use your Zeiss primes. Good news when you're spending the kind of money these cost. (approx 3x the cost of Canon's best EF-mount primes)

Here's the official press release:

Dear Cine & Video Colleagues,
This is a preannouncement of a new cine lens from Carl Zeiss that will be formally launched at the NAB show in April 2010. The information below is preliminary and subject to minor changes prior to the launch. In response to the high level of interest in using DSLR’s for filmmaking, Carl Zeiss has modified its Compact Prime lenses for use with EF-mount cameras.
These new lenses feature a bayonet mount for a direct fit to the EF-mount and do not require any modification of the camera or use of intermediate optics. Since the optics are based on the awarding winning ZEISS SLR lenses, they cover a full 24×36 image format without vignetting. In addition, the lenses feature an interchangeable mount system that can be changed to a PL mount at any point in the future. This design allows the filmmaker to graduate to any number of existing or future cine cameras and still utilize the same set of lenses.
The level of versatility, image quality and value is unprecedented for cine style lenses and brings a professional caliber tool to a wide range of filmmakers. ZEISS Compact Prime II
lenses will be available in both EF and PL mount versions
interchangeable mount system allows for easy upgrade

cine style ergonomics

manual focus with well damped resistance

barrel dimensions are identical and lenses feature internal focusing

each lens weighs between 2.0 – 2.2 pounds

support bracket is included for additional lens stability

300 degree focus rotation

14-blade aperture

geared for standard follow-focus

calibrated focus scales

8 focal lengths available from18mm – 85mm

estimated list price for a set of 6 lenses is under $20K. Lenses will also be sold in a Custom 3 Lens Set or individually.

shipping May 2010

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