Friday, July 30, 2010

It's been a while...

So, what's been happening? Well, we're still promoting 'Shoot The DJ'... there's been some really interesting developments. We're currently showing it for free on YouTube...(not for long, just a few weeks) and we're also arranging a Hamburg screening. On the 23rd September we'll be showing the film at the Sicht Bar in Hamburg's St Pauli district. There's still more festivals, expos and screenings... so it's still got life in it yet.
But... we're also in the early stages of the next film.. With a working title of 'Their Law', we're currently talking to investors and looking for cast and crew, not to mention locations and all the other millions of things that need organising.

Anyone wanting to get involved in the next film, let me know. We're still looking for crew and general help.. so get in touch. We're aiming for a November/December 2010 shoot.

While i'm here, i'd better mention the whole UK Film Council thing...cos everyone else has said their piece!

Okay, i had a very negative view of the Film Council. I never got any love from them...i asked for help from them and they did give me some advice, but they didn't want to give me any financial help. Like a lot of people have already said, they seem to back the same directors and the same kind of movies time after time. They also seemed to favour teams who could tick as many 'politically correct' boxes as possible.  I don't really understand their ethos. Surely a government quango set up to help encourage new film talent should do just that...not judge which writers, directors and producers are worthy of their help...but support anyone who has got the get up and go to put together a production. I'd rather they backed a thousand micro budget films with a few grand than the way they have been doing it... but that's just me.

Personally, i think it does a new film-maker a world of good to find their own finance..take total control and run a film like a business.

Back soon..x

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