Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some of my photos from 2010.

Ashtray in Valencia

Danube Festival in Vienna 2010

Clock Tower in Stevenage 2010

Guinness in Dublin 2010

Scarlett on 70's style roundabout 2010

Tilt-Shift in Valencia airport

Really cool looking skylights

Can't remember which airport this is...

Cool architecture in Valencia

Hotel Pool in Valencia

Dunno why i keep taking photos like this...

Art Deco diving board in Valencia

Original 1930's building behind the beach in Valencia

Sky reflections..

One of my favourite pics... it's the top of a generator


Winter Sun in Hitchin

Hotel on Daytona Beach

Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Toronto Airport

Spiral staircase in Hamburg Bunker

The Empire State Building...NYC 2010