Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Apple fix FCPX... and PressPausePlay

Apple today released the 10.0.3 update of Final Cut Pro X... and a world of film makers breathed a sigh of relief. Pretty much everything that has plagued the re-booted Video Editing Package since it's re-launch has been addressed.

I really liked FCPX when it first came out... i used it on a few projects, but when i started editing my latest feature on it, i ran into some serious problems. I couldn't use my favourite plug-ins, namely Magic Bullet Looks and Neat Noise Reduction. I couldn't monitor externally on a proper calibrated set-up...and i couldn't do multi-cam editing. The issue that tipped me over the edge and back to FCP7 was that i could't manually save my work or back it up successfully...and it crashed and lost everything... not good.

But, Apple heard the outcry from users across the globe and today they released an update that deals with nearly all the problems.

Key things to note about the update:

  • Fantastic MultiCam support. Up to 64 camera angles. Access and sync via timecode, keywords, in/out points or audio.
  • Any codec, any frame rate, any raster within multicam.
  • Support for layered PSD files.
  • Hardware & external monitor support via PCI-E and Thunderbolt devices.
  • A $10 conversion app from Intelligent Assistance that gives you FCP7 to FCPX called 7toX.
  • Media ReLink. Phew... now we can re-link media again. It means we can make back-ups!
  • Advanced Chroma-Keying features.
  • Keyframes behave as we're used to in 7... auto-adding of keyframes when you change parameters.
It's everything we asked for...  I'm going to have to give it another go and see if it's what i'll be using on my next project.

Oh, one more thing... Red Giant have got Magic Bullet Looks working in FCPX! Not only that, but it's a free update to registered users...and at the moment it's 50% off if you want to buy it. Just use this code at checkout: LOOKSFCPX50

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