Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Japan... shooting with my old 550D.

I've been lucky enough to be working on some gigs in Japan for the last few days and i'm here until the end of the week. I couldn't bring the Sony FS100, but i did bring my Canon 550D, a tiny tripod and my intervelometer for some timelapses. I know timelapses have been done to death, but it's only for my own amusement and i like them. I've also been out on the street getting some handheld shots. I wandered around downtown Tokyo the other night shooting as many 'BladeRunner-esque' type shots as i could. Tokyo is so crazy to look at it.. it's a film-maker's dream. Lots of light, lots of people and more interesting streets and buildings that you'd find in a week of searching in most cities.

I'm working on the edit for a little short just showing what i've seen since i've been here. It was going to be all based around Tokyo, but today we went to Kyoto and saw some ancient temples which were pretty stunning, so i had to shoot them too.  I'll probably have to wait until i get home before i get a chance to finish it, but i'll upload it here soon.

For now, check out some pics i took:

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