Saturday, February 18, 2012

The production update.

I thought i'd show you where the post production for 'The Addicted' is taking place. This is my studio in Hertfordshire.  As you can see, i've got an iMac running Final Cut Pro, and external monitor for checking my colour on and a 2nd computer monitor for keeping my scopes running all the time i'm editing.  The control surface is a Mackie Control which i mainly use for Logic, but also sometimes FCP.  You can also see my Yamaha and Tannoy reference monitors for mixing the audio.

I keep the main lights off to avoid reflections on the screen while i'm working, i just keep the little lamps on which are behind the screen. My workflow has developed over the last few weeks and i now work in this way:

  • First, i find all the clips for a particular scene from the footage drive and move them into a folder.
  • Next, i audition each of the clips on the timeline and do the edit.
  • Before i commit to the edit, i use Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista 2 and Neat Noise Reduction to get each of the shots looking right in context. This 'grading' would usually be done after the edit, but with such severe lighting a lot of the time, i need to check it's going to grade right before i can decide which takes look best.
  • Finally i render the scene and watch it back starting from halfway through the previous scene.
I'm about an hour and fifteen minutes into the film now and it's getting very frenetic... lots of action, which slows down the edit a bit, but it's much more exciting than editing dialogue.

Soon, i'll be making a start on the foley recording while Jonathan works on the dialogue editing and mixing. Then, it'll be time to add the music (once Jonathan has written it) and then do the final audio mix and colour grade. We're still hoping to be ready for May 2012.

I might have started working on another script too... but that's (literally) another story.

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