Friday, March 8, 2013

Pixel Film Studios PROCUTX problems...

For anyone using PROCUTX on a machine with the same set up as mine, there may be issues getting PROCUTX to work. I have a late 2011 iMac i7 and i have both FCPX and FCP7 installed. Whenever i try to use the PROCUTX app with FCPX, it all connects fine, but as soon as i touch ANY control on the iPad, it tries to launch FCP7... which obviously won't launch without quitting FCPX. So...basically, i can't use PROCUTX.

I contacted Pixel Film Studios and they said it would be fixed in the next update... but it wasn't. I contacted them again this week and they said it would be fixed in an update soon. That's kind of annoying. They did give me a 25% discount code to use as a goodwill gesture, but i'd rather PROCUTX just worked.

So... if you've got FCPX and FCP7 on your system...beware. I've no idea if this is specific to my system for some reason or not... i guess time will tell.

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