Sunday, April 11, 2010

New AVID DSLR news..and more.

Just heard that MC5 from AVID now supports H.264 .MOV files right on the timeline. Full edit capabilities without transcoding or wrapping. Very nice. Good news.

While i'm here, i just spent the day shooting some footage with my 550D and have noticed an interesting issue. I used the screen on the back of the camera to check exposure and focus before shooting and each time i was happy with the shot before i hit the 'record' button. But... a lot of the shots are over-exposed. Now i have heard that the camera has a tendency to over-expose, but i'd not had it happen before. The only thing i can think of is that it was sunny today and i was shooting outside. Maybe the screen wasn't telling me the truth..maybe the sun glare was affecting it more than i thought. Either way, it's not a huge issue... i'll try some outside shots in the sun again soon with the external monitor and a shade and see how i get on.

I'm just cutting together the footage now, so i'll post it soon.

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