Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Sony FS100 is here...

Sony's FS100, the cut down F3...or if you like, the large sensor finally revealed. I'm not going to go into detail, every video blog on the planet is writing about it. For a detailed look, head over to  

There's some strong opinions on Philip's site about the FS100... mainly about the lack of ND filters and HD SDi output. I don't see the issue personally. I use a mattebox for my ND filters and so will any serious film maker. ND wheels are more of a ENG thing as far as i can see....not a deal breaker for indie film makers. The HD SDi  is a little more annoying, but with a clean HDMI output and so many new options for capturing that way, i'm not overly bothered about it. This thing outputs 4:2:2 via the HDMI and with a super35 sensor, that's gonna be more than enough for most people at this end of the market.

I also don't get the criticisms about the form-factor. I like the small brick style body... it lets me build the the camera rig i want...and the multitude of mounting holes is great.. well done Sony.
Ok, so the £5k price tag puts it slightly behind the AF101...but i have a feeling the sensor will more than make up for the slight price difference. 

It's certainly made my shortlist for the camera i should be looking at for my next feature.

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