Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keep on Moving... in some wicked trainers.

Might be over-doing it on the trainer department at the moment... After buying myself a new pair of super-converse a few weeks ago... i saw these Nikes last week and had to have them. DJ AM Dunks.
Having size 12 feet means finding trainers is really tricky...they always look great on the shelf in size 8, but when they bring out the 12s, they look like boats. The basketball boots just work better in my size...which is great, cos i much prefer them.

The Cons are holding up well considering i wore them day-in and day-out on the tour, but it's the Nike's that are going to get a hammering now. The Cons are relegated to back-up. (along with the  Duffs, the other Nikes and the Reeboks....errr and the other Converse)

I'm spending this week mixing the Dortmund show we recorded on the tour so that it can be broadcast on German radio soon... it sounds great. On Thursday night we head off to Paris on the tour bus for the last leg of the tour...Paris, Dusseldorf and then Tivoli in Utrect.  It's gonna be good to see everyone again and blast the set a few more times.

It's time to start working on the investment proposal for 'Their Law'. We're going to launch the official website just before Cannes and that means finally showing everyone the trailer.  I've got a great vibe about this project... fingers crossed it all comes together.

This'll make you laugh... i played keyboards for this TV performance in Germany that was shown 2 nights ago...  shame the audio is so out of sync.. very funny though. Nice to get out from behind the mixing desk for once...


  1. Hello Sean, thank you for this article give us the news.
    Yes it's good to see you before the cameras, you're very serious!
    I would be in Paris on Thursday morning and I can not wait for Friday night.
    For the DVD in stores soon, I'll still talk on my blog but next week ok?
    A very soon a big kiss for our "Love Blonde", JPaul

  2. Yes, very serious...or grumpy, depending on your point of view. :-)

    Thanks for all the support on your blog for the film mate... much appreciated!

    See you in Paris.