Friday, November 13, 2015


Loving this GH4 / Atomos Shogun / CameTV Mini2 Rig... such a useful set-up.

Sorry it's been quiet on here lately... i've been mad busy and not had a chance to update the blog for a while. In September i was shooting 3 new videos for Kim Wilde's Deluxe Edition of her 'Wilde Winter Songbook' album, which i also mixed. Then, in October, me and Jon Atkinson went to LA to film some commercial projects which i can't really talk about to much yet. As i mentioned before, i was working with some of LA's finest SWAT teams, which was awesome. It's a very exciting project which i'm really looking forward to seeing come to fruition in January next year.

The whole time, i've also been editing and doing the post process on PARADOX. Jon is now writing and recording the score and i'm busy working on the foley and sound design. We're still planning on releasing the series this year.... we've even got plans for a second run of episodes in 2016.

Check out next month's Digital FilmMaker Mag for a full update on the PARADOX shoot and also my regular Q & A section.

2016 is going to be new camera time again for me...  The URSA Mini, the FS5 and the A7S II are all looking like contenders...  i'm also hoping to direct more music promos - more news on this soon.

Cheers for now..


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