Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Canon Prosumer Cam for 2010

This is kinda funny...  some people have been getting all excited about the fact that Canon haven't released a new camera in their pro-video range for about 17 months. We all know the impact the 5Dmk2 and the 7D have had with their large sensors and amazing low light capability.. well, lots of bloggers were convinced Canon was gonna stroll into the market with a 35mm style large sensor HD camera....with removable lens and XLR indie film-maker's dream cam and a pain in the arse for RED.

But... no. There's no specs for this yet other than it uses twin SD cards (probably the new SDXC type) and it uses the AVCHD codec...but it looks like a 1/3" sensor and a fixed zoom to me. So it's just another cam to join the HMC151 and the NXCam on the shelf....nothing spectacular. Unless of course Canon are playing a red herring trick on us...who knows??

On the upside, it could be better than the HMC and the NX and give us another choice for AVCHD shooting...not a bad thing.


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