Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year, new website...

Hi all... welcome to my new blog.

This blog is launching at the same time as my new Psyco-Central website....which is also happening at the same time as some interesting changes in my career. After working solely on music projects since leaving school nearly 20 years ago, i've spent the last 2 and half years working on a film. It's the first time something other than music has held any interest for me. (although, to be fair...the film is about the music industry and has lots of my music in it). But... i think this is the start of a new era for me. I've already written my next film and i'm working towards getting it made soon.

I've totally immersed myself in film making and the whole industry for the last couple of years and i've met some great people. I've also come to have some pretty strong opinions on both the equipment in use and the methods of film making. (very unlike me...i'm so quiet..)  So...i'm probably gonna comment on that kinda thing on here...as well as the pro audio stuff i've already made a bit of a name for myself critiquing already..!!

Anyway... that'll do for now.


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