Friday, January 8, 2010

Panasonic Goes 3D....

There's lots of interesting new cameras about at the moment, but this one from Panasonic really is odd. Traditionally, if you want to shoot 3D, you mount 2 cameras horizontally so that the lenses are about 6.5cm apart and then you spend the whole shoot trying to keep everything in sync both visually and physically. With larger film cameras you can't get them close enough together, so they have to be mounted on clever rigs which use mirror systems to get the images to the lenses. Apparently, Panasonic think 2010 is the time for 3D to come to the prosumer level... so they've released this:


It records onto SDHC cards....and does look like an HMC151 with a pair of binoculars stuck on the front.  There's not much info on the lenses... they don't appear to be particularly 'pro' though housed in that lump of plastic with only the one focus ring on the main body of the camera....still, they might be really good.

Now, looking at it, you're probably thinking that an HMC151 is about £3.5k so this has got to retail for somewhere in the region of maybe £7k? Maybe even £8k? No Chance. $21,000...which at the exchange rate should be about £13k, but it won't'll be more like £16k or £17k.  That's a lot of money for what appears to be a prosumer camcorder that's got to fit a lot of data onto SDHC cards... there's no specs on the codec or the data rate yet. It's only available to no popping down to Dixons to check it's going to be available in Q4 2010.

I've got to wonder who's going to buy it? Surely broadcasters looking to add 3D material will build their own systems using higher spec cameras...and features will do the same..   I can't see an indie film being shot on one...cos for that kind of cash you could get yourself a really tasty HD camera with a nice lens.  Still, good on Panasonic for pushing the boundaries... it does mean there's a way (if you want it) to basically do a run and gun style shoot in 3D now... could be interesting.

Some blurb and the specs:

Using a standardized, fully integrated design, the Full HD 3D camcorder will be offered at a much lower price than traditional 3D rigs. Transportation expenses for this handheld unit will be less and faster setup times reduce labor costs. Using standard, re-recordable SDHC/SD Memory Cards available already everywhere, media costs become almost insignificant.
In addition to a camcorder, Panasonic also plans to offer a professional-quality 3D Full HD LCD monitor for field use as well as a professional HD digital AV mixer for live event production. Panasonic will offer professional production equipment to allow video professionals to efficiently create 3D content, so consumers can enjoy 3D video using Panasonic 3D home theater systems.

Major Specifications (tentative)
  • Product Name: Twin-lens Full HD 3D camcorder (made-to-order)
  • Suggested Retail Price for Main Unit: $21,000
  • Available: Fall 2010 (made to order)
  • Power Consumption: Under 19 W (main unit only)
  • Weight: Under 3 kg (main unit only)
  • Recording Media: SDHC/SD Memory Card

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